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Magnet Safety

Industrial Strength Magnetic Separators are a safe, efficient product if handled properly. Learn the basics of proper magnet handling here.


Industrial strength Magnetic Separators play a very important role in manufacturing facilities across the world.  If handled properly, they are a safe, efficient way of removing unwanted ferrous contamination from a valuable product.  If not handled properly, injuries have ranged from the minor pinched finger to the more serious crushed hand or the loss of extremities. 

For these reasons, plant managers are putting more emphasis on Magnet Safety Training for the protection of their workers.

Magnet Safety

  1. Awareness: Make sure employees are aware that there are strong, potentially dangerous magnets in a given area of the plant. This is accomplished by providing “strong magnet” warnings/labels on the magnets themselves and also in the area that the magnets are installed.
  2. Proper Magnet Handling: Assure that no two magnets come in close proximity to one another when handling, and prevent magnets from coming in close proximity to carbon steel or other ferrous (magnetic) metals. By doing so, you will limit the danger to the person handling the magnets.
  3. Transportation and Storage: Before transporting a magnet, pre-inspect the route for any potential carbon steel dangers. Wood, plastic or other non-ferrous containers can be used to create barriers around the magnet for safe transportation or storage. Although the magnetic field will pass through these non-ferrous (non-magnetic) materials, they will decrease the holding strength by creating barriers between the magnet and the carbon steel.
  4. Medical Devices: Some medical devices (such as pacemakers) can be adversely affected by strong magnetic fields. Employees should contact their physician and the device manufacturer to determine a safe distance between the worker and the magnet.
  5. Credit Cards and Electronic Devices: Keep electronic devices, credit cards, computer disks, and other magnetic storage devices away from magnets. Exposure to the magnetic field may result in malfunction or permanent damage to such items.

A safety label must be affixed to every Eriez product. Should the safety label(s) be damaged, dislodged or removed, contact Eriez for replacement.

Above: Example of a Safety Label that is required on all Eriez magnetic equipment. These labels are included with every Eriez product. Contact Eriez for replacement.

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